Hopkinson Centenary Conference Cambridge UK
In 2014, it will be 100 years that the Hopkinson Bar Methodology, an epoch making invention by Bertram Hopkinson (1894 1918), was introduced. With his 1914 seminal paper, "A method of measuring the pressure produced in the detonation of high explosives or by the impact of bullets" Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. A213 437-456, Bertram Hopkinson pioneered the development of an experimental set-up which even nowadays seems to be in greater demand than ever. DYMAT, the European Association for research into the dynamic behaviour of materials and its applications, welcomes you to celebrate the Hopkinson centenary with a Conference to be held at Cambridge University September 9-11, 2014.
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DailyStefan Hiermaier

IBS Course on Internal Ballistics- Postponed until 2016
As part of the Society's objective to provide opportunities to further member's training needs we are planning to hold a short course on the internal ballistics of guns, entitled "Internal Ballistics: from fundamentals to advanced simulation". The course will be given by Frazer-Nash. The dates and duration of the course have yet to be finalised. If you are interested in this course then check the box in the Registration process under IBS courses and we will get back to you.
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DailyClive Woodley

28th International Symposium on Ballistics

Atlanta Programme now available: 28th_ISB_Agenda
Companion Programme: Companion_Program
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