Student Awards

The International Ballistics Society is pleased to announce a call for nominations to the Student Grants Program. 

This program provides conference registration and travel support to selected students for attendance at the 29th International Symposium on Ballistics, to be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, USA during May 2016. See the link on the left of this page:

ELIGIBILITY:Students enrolled in an academic institution at the time of the conference and interested in ballistic impact phenomena are eligible for nomination to the Student Grants Program. This program is aimed at graduate students or undergraduate students. Students who have reached the Ph.D. level prior to the Student Grants Program due date (January 26, 2016) are not eligible.

AWARD PACKAGE:The grant consists of funding ($1000 plus free registration fee) to ONE (1) student from each of the technical areas of the symposium: Internal Ballistics; Launch Dynamics; Flight Dynamics; Explosion Mechanics; Terminal Ballistics and Impact Physics and Vulnerability. This makes a maximum of six (6) awards.

HOW TO SUBMIT NOMINATIONS: The nomination must be submitted by the student's academic advisor, on the letterhead of the academic institution. The nomination is limited to a maximum of two pages, and must include the following items:
The application form ( and a letter (two pages max) including:
Applicants should also note:

Send the paper via the conference submission procedure and the application letter (by postal mail or email)
Dr. Francisco Gálvez
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Departamento de Ciencia de Materiales
28040 Madrid, Spain

Deadline for Nominations: Nomination letters must be received no later than January 26, 2016. Student Grant Awards selection will be based on a review of the Paper manuscript and the covering letter by the ISB Student Committee. Questions on the program may be directed to the committee chair, Francisco Gálvez.

Previous Winners
International Symposium on Ballistics Technical Area Award Winner Paper Title
27: Freiburg, Germany, Apr '13 Explosion Mechanics No award  
  Exterior Ballistics Timo Sailaranta, Finland Upwards Fired Bullet Terminal Velocity
  Interior Ballistics Heath Martin, USA Effect of initial temperature on the interior ballistics of a 120-mm mortar system
  Launch Dynamics No award  
  Terminal Ballistics & Impact Physics Alon Weiss, Israel

Roman Kositski, Israel
An Experimental Investigation of Deep Penetration into Polycarbonate Targets

On the Crater Diameters in Metallic Plates Impacted by High Velocity Rods
  Vulnerability Cyril Robbe, Belgium An Hybrid Experimental/Numerical Method to Assess the Lethality of a Kinetic Energy Non-Lethal Weapon System
28: Atlanta, USA, Sep '14 Explosion Mechanics Maria Jesus Perez-Martin, Spain

Carey Price, USA
A novel method for measuring the dynamic fracture-initiation toughness under impulsive loadings

Statistical method for determining governing properties of high-velocity polymer penetrations
  Exterior Ballistics No award  
  Interior Ballistics Weitao Yang, China

Jie Liu, China
Burning characteristics of microcellular combustible objects

Study of nano-nitramine explosives: preparation, sensitivity and application
  Launch Dynamics Mickael Zeidler, France On the control of a 155 mm spin-stabilized projectile using the Coanda effect
  Terminal Ballistics & Impact Physics Francisca Martinez, Spain Influence of the fiber alignment in the ballistic performance of Dyneema non-woven fabrics
  Vulnerability No award  
29: Edinburgh, UK, May '16 Explosion Mechanics Guo Wenqi, China Investigation on the Melting and Composition Gradient of W-Cu Shaped Charge Jet During the Jet Formation and Penetration
  Exterior Ballistics Vincent Condaminet, France Identification of the Aerodynamic Coefficients of a Spin-Stabilized Projectile from Free Flight Data
  Interior Ballistics Na Sun, China Enrichment of Fluorinated Nano- TiO2 Composite on the Surface of Propellants
  Launch Dynamics No award  
  Terminal Ballistics & Impact Physics Matthew Hudspeth, USA The Effect of Projectile Nose Geometry on the Critical Velocity and Failure Mode of Yarns Subjected to Transverse Impact
  Vulnerability Steffen Grobert, Germany Experimental Investigations on Dynamic Back Face Deflection Caused by Ballistic Impact on Combat Helmets and the Effect to the Human Skull

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