If you are not a member of the IBS and wish to purchase copies of papers from, or complete proceedings of, the International Symposium on Ballistics then please email or with your needs.

The International Ballistics Society maintains points of contact in each country that has members in the society. These points of contacts can assist you in understanding the society, becoming a member, participating in society events, and facilitate your attendance and submission of abstracts and papers for the International Symposium on Ballistics.


Points of Contact

Country Point of Contact Email Address
Countries not listed below Seokbin (Bin) Lim
Argentina Marcelo Martinez
Australia Shannon Ryan
Austria Christine Dickinger
Belgium Alexandre Papy
Brazil Sergio San Gregorio Favero
Canada Dennis Nandlall
China Zhongyuan Wang
Czech Republic Vladmir Cech
Denmark Finn Kobbery
Finland Timo Sailaranta
France Nicholas Eches
Germany Matthias Wickert
Greece Dimitris Gritzapis
India Y Sreenivas rao
Israel Meir Mayseless
Italy Paolo Fersino
Jordan Sameer Khodeer
Korea Ho Soo Kim
Mexico Usiel Sandino Silva Rivera
New Zealand Amy Pullen
Norway Gard Ødegårdstuen
Poland Adam Wisniewski
Russia Eugene Khmelnikov
Serbia Slobodan Jaramaz
Singapore Yuan Jianming
South Africa Frikkie Mostert
Spain Francisco Galvez
Sweden Eva Liden
Switzerland Hanspeter Kaufmann
The Netherlands Andre Dierderen
Turkey Eser Gurel
United Kingdom Clive Woodley
USA Michael Murphy

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