Neill Griffiths Award

The Griffiths Award is presented to the author(s) of the paper judged to have made the most significant contribution to a shaped charge technology at the International Symposium on Ballistics.

The Award was created in memory of Neill Griffiths who for many years was head of the Explosives Technology Department at the Royal Armament Research and Development Establishment at Fort Halstead in the UK. He pioneered much of the UK shaped charge research and development programmes including the development of the first tandem warhead.
He was a keen supporter of the International Symposium on Ballistics from its inception and was a founding member of the International Ballistics Committee.


International Ballistics Symposium

Award Winner

115: Jerusalem, Israel, '95R.R Karpp, L.M. Hull, M.L. Price, "A Technique for Estimating the Strength of Materials in Stretching Shaped-Charge Jets"
216: San Francisco, USA, Sep '96G.A. Shvetsov, A.D. Matrosov, "Influence of an Axial Electric Current on the Stability of Shaped Charge Jets"
317: Midrand, South Africa, Mar '98A.J. Schwartz, D.H. Lessila, E.L. Baker, "Analysis of Intergranular Impurity Concentration and the Effects on the Ductility of Copper Shaped Charges"
418: San Antonio, USA, Nov '99M.E. Kipp, P.R. Martinez, E.S. Hertel, E.L. Baker, B.E. Fuchs, C.L. Chin, "Experiments and Simulations of Spinning Shaped Charges with Fluted Liners"
519: Interlaken, Switzerland, May '01D. Bender, B Chhouk, R. Fong, W. Ng, B. Rice, E. Volkmann, "Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFP) with Canted Fins"
620: Orlando, USA Sep '02P. Konig, F. Mostert, "The Design and Performance of Non-Initiating Shaped Charges with Granular Jets Against ERA"
721: Adelaide, Australia, Apr '04K. Cowan, B. Bourne, "Oxide Glasses as Shaped Charge Liners"
822: Vancouver, Canada, Nov '05S. Miller, G. Kliminz, "The Role of Rayleigh Taylor Instability in Shaped Charge Jets Formation and Stability"
923: Tarragona, Spain, Apr '07A. S. Daniels, E. L. Baker, S. E. DeFisher, K. W. Ng and J. Pham, "Bam Bam: Large Scale Unitary Demolition Warheads
1024: New Orleans, USA Sept '08E. Hirsch, M. Mayseless, "The Appendix"
1125: Beijing, China, May '10R. Fong, L. Thompson, W. Ng, "Toroidal Warhead Development"
1226: Miami, USA, Sep '11D. Boeka, A. Daniels, N. Ouye, D.  Suarez, S. Hancock,  "A Small Scale Unitary Demolition Charge"
1327: Freiburg, Germany, Apr '13S.Rassokha, G. A. Kubyshkina, S. V. Ladov, A. V. Babkin, "Performance Calculation of Shaped Charges with Shear Formed Liners."
1428: Atlanta, USA, Sep '14W. Arnold, E. Rottenkolber, T. Hartmann, "Axially Switchable Warheads"
1529: Edinburgh, Scotland, May '16D. Baum, G. Schebler, D. Dobie, D. Faux, R. Kuklo, "Characterization of Shaped Charge Jet Erosion in Drilling Mud."
1630: Long Beach, USA, Sep '17F. Grace, M. Barnard, "Tubular and Reconstructed Jets Using Annular Shaped Charge Liners"
1731: Hyderabad, India, Nov '19F. Majiet, F. J. Mostert, "Evaluation of the Dynamic Fracture Characteristics (Plasticity) of Shaped Charge Jets at Different Strain Rates and Characterised Initial Liner Microstructure"
1832: Reno, USA, May '22A. Collé, J. Limido, S. Dalle Piagge, F. Paintendre, "Innovative Meshless Approach for Shaped Charges Modelling vs Explosive Reactive Armor"
1933: Bruges, Belgium, Oct '23Huanguo Guo, Tinghao Chen, Suo He, Yuanfeng Zheng, "Study on the Forming Characteristic and Coherency of PTFE/Al Reactive Jet"

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