The Rosalind & Pei Chi Chou Award

The Rosalind and Pei Chi Chou Award for Young Authors is given at the International Symposia on Ballistics. Its purpose is to enrich the program of the Symposia by encouraging young authors in ballistics to submit papers and attend the Symposium.

The Young Author must be 35 years of age or younger at the time of the Symposium. The paper may have multiple authors, but the Young Author must have made a major contribution to the paper. An application for the Award must accompany the paper when submitted for publication in the proceedings. To be eligible for the Award, the Young Author must register at the Symposium and must give the oral or poster presentation. 

The Award selection is based solely on the written papers and judged on original contribution to the ballistic sciences. The Award consists of a plaque and a stipend. The plaque and stipend are presented by representatives from the International Ballistics Society.

Click here for the Young Author Award Application Form.


International Ballistics Symposium

Award Winner

116: San Francisco, USA, Sep '96David Littlefield, SwRI, USA
217: Midrand, South Africa, Mar '98H. Arisawa, Propellants & Explosives Laboratory, Japan.
318: San Antonio, USA, Nov '99Saed Mausavi, FOA, Sweden.
419: Interlaken, Switzerland, May '01I. Sidney Chocron, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain.
520: Orlando, USA Sep '02Stany Gallier, SNPE, France.
621: Adelaide, Australia, Apr '04Irina Järnebark, FOA, Sweden.
722: Vancouver, Canada, Nov '05Eluned Lewis, DCRPS, UK.
823: Tarragona, Spain, Apr '07Amal Bouamoul, DRDC, Canada.
924: New Orleans, USA Sept '08Markus Graswald, HSU, Germany.
1025: Beijing, China, May '10Chen Xin-hong, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China.
1126: Miami, USA, Sep '11Gustavo Morales-Alonso, Spain.
1227: Freiburg, Germany, Apr '13Daniel Klatt, ISL, Germany.
1328: Atlanta, USA, Sept '14Alon Weiss, Technion University, Israel for "Cavitation Theory Applied to Polycarbonate Ballistic Response".
1429: Edinburgh, UK, May '16Stephan Weidner, ISL, France for "Supersonic Wake Flow Analysis of Finned Projectile Afterbodies at Various Spin Rates".
1530: Long Beach, USA, Sep '17Barry Stewart, QinetiQ, UK for "Integration of an Over-Fly Top Attack Shaped Charge within a Kinetic Energy Penetrator for Enhanced Multiple-Effects"
1631: Hyderabad, India, Nov '19Abdelhafidh Moumen, Royal Military Academy, Belgium for "Visualization Of Muzzle Flow And Projectile In Flight Flow Using The Background Oriented Schlieren Technique"
1732: Reno, USA, May '22Christian Franzmann, ISL, France for "Experimental Determination of Pitch Damping Coefficients Using a Wire Suspension"
1833: Bruges, Belgium, Oct '23Bernd Dutschke, ISL, France for "Aerodynamic Characterization, Flight Analysis and Limit-Cycle Stability for Artillery Shells Fired with High Elevation"

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