The Society is proud to recognize those organizations that continue to help the Society further its objectives.

Company membership fees are used to fund the Student Awards.

Corporate and member donations are invited for the Manfred Held scholarship fund.

This fund was created in memory of Manfred Held, a world-class ballistician, who attended every International Symposium on Ballistics up to the 25th, held in Beijing in 2010, where the Society was founded. In honor of his achievement Manfred was made the Society's first member.

The scholarship fund is being developed to provide ways to help ballisticians further their studies.

Founding Platinum Providers 


Dr. Ian Cullis,

Founding Member of the International Ballistics Society Board of Directors

Founding Lifetime Fellow of the IBS

QinetiQ is a leading international provider of technology-based services and solutions to the defence, security and related markets. We develop and deliver services and solutions for government organisations, predominantly in the UK and US, including defence departments, intelligence services and security agencies. In addition, we provide technology insertion and consultancy services to commercial and industrial customers around the world. Providing the armed services with independent advice, assurance and effects that deliver battle-winning military advantages Materials, Protection and all areas of Ballistics Science and Engineering as well as... Technical Assurance We provide Technical Assurance and have a wealth of experience in providing advice and support to acquisition programmes. We are uniquely placed to understand the technological risks and the approaches needed to deliver a battle-winning advantage. Visit our website to find out how much more we can do for you from fundamental research through applied research to engineering solutions. Click here to see QinetiQ Advertisement

Founding Gold Providers

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI®) is a nonprofit engineering R&D center. The main facility is a 1200-acre campus in San Antonio, Texas where over 3000 employees perform contract research for both government and industry.

SwRI's Engineering Dynamics Department in the Mechanical Engineering Division works on armor and impact physics.

  1. SwRI maintains multiple indoor, outdoor ballistic, and remote range facilities, where small and medium arms are tested against various armor configurations. Land mines, IEDs, and arena tests can also be performed to assess the survivability of vehicles and structures.  
  2. Low, medium, and high-strain-rate laboratory testing facilities provide the ability to characterize materials and then develop constitutive models (equation of state, strength, and failure) for use in computational tools.  
  3. SwRI has extensive experience with the three primary software tools used for ballistics and explosive-loading: CTH, LS-DYNA, and EPIC. SwRI has modified all three for new constitutive models and boundary conditions.

Visit www.engineeringdynamics.swri.org for more information or www.penmech.swri.org for the Penetration Mechanics week long course taught every year.

China Ordnance Society

China Ordnance Society (COS) is a 5A-level national advanced social organization awarded by Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. It is one of the 14 associations chosen by China Association for Science and Technology for the “Innovation Driving Assistance Project”.

Founded in 1964, China Ordnance Society is a non-profit academic national society organization which was established by scientific and technical practitioner and group in the field of weapons science and technology, as well as other relevant science fields.

China Ordnance Society has 5 types of membership specifically called normal members, senior members, advanced members, organization members, and contact members. At present, there are totally 32,245 members involving 762 senior members, 49 advanced members, and 235 group members. The council has 6 working committees including organization, academic communication, scientific popularization, science and technology awards, continuing education, and science and technology publishing. There are 50 professional committees in the subject area to organize academic communication of weapons and sciences in various fields. Currently, COS has 16 provincial level local societies.

In the past three years, the China Ordnance Society won the first prize of the Science and Technology Awards Progress (the research on the development strategy of military and civilian integration of China's national defense science and technology industry) rewarded by China North Industries Group Corporation Limited, and the second prize of Outstanding Science and Technology Society Award rewarded by “Promoting Academic Organization’s Creation and Service Skills Project” of China Association for Science and Technology. COS has won the title of “National Science Popularization Excellent Society” issued by China Association for Science and Technology for 4 consecutive years. In addition, “Acta Armamentarii” issued by COS was successfully selected as one of the TOP 50 Project of China Association for Science and Technology; as well, it has won the title called “100 Excellent Academic Periodical of China”. Moreover, “Defence Technology” was selected twice in “China Excellent International Academic Journals”, and it is enrolled in the core edition of the Chinese Science and Technology Citation Database of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. "Ordnance Knowledge" issued by COS has won the annual "Top 100 Journal Impacts (Popular Journals)" for three consecutive years, and won the title called "Overseas Chinese Newspapers and Overseas Publications are the most popular among overseas readers TOP50", as well as the title called "100 excellent newspapers and magazines that are loved by children and teenagers nationwide".

China Ordnance Society adheres to the tenet of “close to the front line of scientific research, promote self-help innovation, serve weapons development, and improve academic prosperity”. According to the "three-wheel drive" mode which is consisted of Think Tanks, Academics, and Science Popularization to society, COS has gained outstanding achievement in building think tanks, engaging in academic communication, popularising and consulting science, bringing in new intelligence human resource, associating with innovation, and military-civillian integration.



Earth, Horizon, Space ... Weibel Scientific Reaches Further!

Weibel Scientific is the global leader in the market for advanced Doppler radar systems. For over fifty years, we have been designing, manufacturing, and delivering cutting-edge velocity and position measuring instruments to customers around the world. Weibel radars are used to protect lives on the ground, in flight, and in space.

For more information on our products, please visit our website



Founding Silver Providers

Prof. Klaus Thoma

Director of EMI

Lifetime Founding Member of the International Ballistics Society

International Ballistics Society Fellow

The Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics, known under the name Ernst-Mach-Institut (EMI) is one of the 60 institutes of the German Fraunhofer society. Fraunhofer is a non profit organization which specialises in applied research and has close links to German government authorities. It is the biggest research organization in its field in Germany and one of the essential European research organizations. EMI adopts interdisciplinary and comprehensive material strategies to investigate impact, shock and penetration phenomena by experiment and simulation concerning:

  • Modeling of material behavior under dynamic loading (strain-rate influence, failure behavior) applied to the whole spectrum of materials ranging from ceramics via metals to polymers and composites  
  • The development of mathematical models for dynamic material behavior, deployed in the fields of continuum mechanics, mesomechanics, mircomechanics  
  • The development of new measuring methods for dynamic material properties, guided by the necessity to deliver data for numerical modeling  
  • The development and application of new sensors and measuring techniques in high-speed physics (high pressures, high strain rates, short time spans)  
  • The development of numerical computing methods in structural dynamics, fluid mechanics and the coupling of fluid-structure interaction

The solutions acquired at EMI by experimental, computer-based and analytical methods aim at improving the security and reliability of components and structures under dynamic loads. Typical applications are armour and antiarmour, protection against space debris, hypervelocity impacts, light gas guns, light weight armour, impact and crash, sensors and electronics for harsh environments, development of new materials using methods of computational physics, security research, car crash analysis.

Positioned at the interface between basic research and industrial application, EMI puts great emphasis on integrated experimental-numerical research. As well nationally as internationally, EMI ranks among the best addresses concerning this claim.


Specialised Imaging is an award winning, dynamic company focused on the design and manufacture of ultra high-speed imaging systems for industrial, scientific and defence research applications. The founding directors previously worked together in the high-speed imaging field, bringing together over 60 working years of experience to the venture. This experience combined with a commitment to innovation and ongoing development has positioned the company as an exciting and creative leader in the high-speed camera market.

We enjoy finding solutions to customer’s needs and requirements.

Since our foundation in 2003, our passion for creating specific solutions has led to us developing key technologies for ballistic instrumentation with new functions/features for our systems to exactly match customer requirements.

This level of commitment and support continues throughout the life of all Specialised Imaging solutions. Application advice, design adaptation and evolution are all part of our comprehensive after-sales service.

The Specialised Imaging product lines, are ideally suited to the field of ballistic research, such as our high resolution, multi-channel framing “SIM” cameras capable of up to 32 digital images at frame rates up to 1 billion frames per second. We also developed the KIRANA, a true Ultra high-speed Video Camera capable of capturing 180 images at speeds up to 7 million frames per second at full resolution (924x768 pixels). Stepping away from cameras, we have developed the T2 and T-Lite Ballistic Tracker systems which are used at many ranges around the world to capture qualitative images and quantitative data of a projectile flying over many meters of its trajectory. We have also developed a number of triggering and lighting systems to compliment these systems and allow us to provide comprehensive solution packages.


MS Instruments PLC - Manufacturers of Ballistic Measuring Instrumentation, Range Design and Live-fire Training Facilities

The leading innovators in the design and manufacture of Ballistic Measurement instrumentation and Live-Fire Training Equipment for both ground and air training. combined with the facilities and expertise of Wiltshire Ballistic Services enables MS Instruments to provide proven, rugged and well built products for most internal and external applications. Our products are used by a number of manufacturing companies, Governments and Armed Forces worldwide and once combined with our leading edge software, this instrumentation delivers flexible and individually tailored solutions. Our equipment is designed to be of the highest accuracy and due to the fact that our equipment is in constant use in testing at Wiltshire Ballistic Services we continuously develop our products. MS Instruments strive to be the world experts on ballistic instrumentation and because of this we have been approached to work on specialised projects and have since developed a covert vehicle protection system for both close protection and possible live-fire environment protection. At MS Instruments we pride ourselves on lifetime care of our products and have expert support all over the world enabling us to network closely with our overseas customers.

As well as being a part of the Ballistic ToolKit which is a group of 40 companies all specialising in ballistic products, we can provide complete ballistic solutions with the co-operation of these companies and their resources, MS Instruments presents the capabilities of a large company with the personal detail only a small company can offer.




ABAL : The Department of Weapon Systems & Ballistics of the Belgian Royal Military Academy

The department of weapons systems & ballistics is unique as it is the only place in Belgium to teach courses in ballistics and weapon systems on a university level. The department is equipped with a modern laboratory containing a 102 m in-door range. Several research projects are performed within the department and its expertise is used for the benefit of multiple third parties (military and civilian).


Our department ensures a high quality education through a strong theoretical knowledge combined with state of the art practicals.


The choice and use of high-level educational methods is one of our major concerns. Through students feedback and permanent assessment, we improve every day.


Our knowledge is supported and updated by selected and efficiently supervised research activities.


The know-how of our laboratory is continuously updated and extended by innovative trials for third parties.


ABAL is member of IBS, Dymat, ARA, VPAM, EEMLS and CIP.


Platinum Providers

TDW Gesellschaft fur verteidigungstechnische Wirksysteme mbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of MBDA Germany, is experienced in the design and manufacture of warheads systems including the associated fuzes and safe & arm devices. TDW was founded in 1958. Since then, more than two million warhead systems have been produced at and delivered from its site in Schrobenhausen, located in the Greater Munich Metropolitan area. With approximately 150 employees, TDW operates as an essentially autonomous full-service company at one integral site. Our product portfolio includes all kinds of warhead systems such as shaped-charge, blast/fragmentation-, and penetrators and their combinations in single-, tandem-, or multiple-charge systems for MBDA Group as well as other missile, torpedo, and precision-guided munition system houses worldwide.

TDWs value creation chain encompasses all of the following activities to their full extent:

  • Concepts, Designs, and their Assessment
  • Development and Qualification
  • Manufacture and Integration
  • Testing and Verification & Validation.

An own manufacturing, integration and testing area located nearby the development and all other supporting departments represents a major asset in terms of time and value for money for a development / qualification and series production program. It includes high explosives processing (mixing, casting or pressing), mechanical workshops, inert assembly lines, warhead final assembly lines, a chemical lab, as well as an environmental testing lab and the test range. TDW is in the fortunate position owning a test site of approx. 21 ha, where we can perform almost every static test for warheads and environmental testing for even complete missile systems. A rocket sled track is available to conduct dynamic warhead and missile tests.

Available key technologies include flexible response, target adaptive, and low collateral damage warheads, insensitive explosive charges with outstanding safety under extreme mechanical and thermal threats which provide nonetheless ultimate destructive performance, as well as intelligent highly shock-resistant fuzing systems.

Thanks to governmental-funded and self-funded research and development, TDW is today at the forefront of technologies for future warhead systems comprising:

  • Scalable Effects Warheads (Dial-a-RADIUS®)
  • Multi-Effects Warheads (Dial-an-Effect)
  • Reactive Materials Warheads (Dial-a-Blast).

For further information, please visit our website at www.tdw-warhead-systems.com/en/ or contact michael.korte-weich@mbda-systems.de.

Phone: +49 8252 99 6694


Gold Providers

Engineering Services & Software for Defence Industry and Government Agencies


NUMERICS is an engineering services and software development company located close to Munich, Germany. We are serving our customers world-wide with innovative tailored solutions to their problems in the complete field of ballistics: from detonation to terminal effects and from constitutive modeling to vulnerability and lethality analyses.

NUMERICS offers a broad range of supporting consultancy services designed to meet the clients? specific needs, including

  • specialist software development,
  • product development and optimization,
  • turnkey analyses and
  • technical training courses.

We are in permanent contact with universities and other research organizations to include modern technologies, modern methods, and the state-of-the-art in physical and engineering research in all our products and services.

NUMERICS is proud to support the International Ballistics Society as a Corporate Member.

For further information, please visit www.numerics-gmbh.de/en.


Ellwood Group, Inc. is a family-owned, privately-held company that has been operating for over 100 years. Through growth and acquisition, EGI has become a major supplier of high-quality, engineered, heavy metal components to customers all over the world. While EGI has grown significantly and now employs over 2,000 employees, the same family values are just as important now and they were 100 years ago.

EGI's leadership team works closely with employees on important topics such as safety and continuous improvement. EGI employees are skilled professionals who are committed to the long term success of the company. EGI business unit companies manufacture and market metal products to customer in industries such as oil and gas, power generation, mining, infrastructure and construction, aerospace, defense, railroad, automotive, industrial machinery, metal processing, gearing/power transmission, and shipbuilding. Over many years of business, EGI has spent millions of dollars for new equipment and to rebuild existing equipment, as well as to expand our manufacturing spaces. We have increased our capacity and enhanced our capabilities to keep pace with our largest and most technically demanding customers.

Our EGI business units are leaders in their field. Combining significant years of experience with the latest technological advances, EGI provides customers with world class products and services they require.

We are proud to be a U.S. manufacturer who helps to support our Government in the defense of our country.
                        Tank Breech Components                                    Missile Warheads
                        Missile Motor Cases                                            Gun Housings
                        Helicopter Rotor Shafts and Hubs                          Cannon Housings
                        Cannon Suspension Arms                                     Navy Nuclear Valve Bodies
                        Navy Nuclear Submarine Components

For further information, please visit www.ellwoodgroup.com.

Phone: +1 814-779-9145

Contact: Dana A Beyeler, DBeyeler@elwd.com

Silver Providers

BOGGES is a company focussed on research, development, testing and expertise in the field of ballistic and blast protection. Our team is ready to fulfil your requirements for personnel and vehicle survivability development and enhancement based on advanced materials and technologies.

We are providing the services and products, which will help you to achieve the following objectives:

  • To protect against ballistic threat: Testing and certification of vehicle, personnel and critical infrastructure protection. Complete design route of vehicle armour from integration study on 3D model through preparation of armour panels for ballistic testing up to the vehicle armour prototype production and its full certification according to relevant international and national standards.
  • To protect against mines and IED threat: Design route of vehicle blast protection from numerical simulation through blast tests of panel samples to the blast tests of real vehicle. Testing, development and evaluation of protection against landmines and IEDs including Explosively Formed Projectiles charges.
  • To protect against warheads: Static tests using shaped charge (RPG and ATGM warheads): e.g. testing of reactive armour and spall-liners. Dynamic tests using RPGs and ATGMs: e.g. testing of SLAT armour or active armour solutions.
  • Other requirements: Material expertise. Advanced equipment and skilled experts in the field of terminal ballistic, material characterization and analysis: high speed camera, HYBRID III dummy, acceleration and overpressure sensors, mechanical properties testing, SEM microscopy with EDX, WDX and EBSD, X-ray diffraction, heating microscopy, high temperature dilatometry, environmental testing, etc.

BOGGES goal is to fulfil your requirements by combination of high flexibility, skilled team of experts and utilization of most recent equipment and testing facilities.

For more information please visit our website: http://www.bogges.eu

E-mail: info@bogges.eu

Phone: +420 777 248 604


Armour & Ballistic Advice, Design, Test & Evaluation Services
A unique range of experience in protecting military and civilian personnel

Hephaestus Consulting provides specialist design advice and build services to the European military and civilian protected assets sector. Possessing a unique range of real, practical experience, extending from stab and slash resistant PPE garments through to IED blast and anti-tank munitions, Hephaestus has worked extensively with UK agencies, test houses and universities to deliver client needs.

Hephaestus are specialist subject matter experts in the design, testing and integration of composite armour solutions, vehicle design, and ballistic, blast, IED and RPG testing, as well as in providing civilian security and infrastructure solutions. In addition to this, Hephaestus can also supply advice and threat analysis based on detailed experience of real-world scenarios, including the real limitations of protective equipment.
Past clients include UK and European police forces, MoDs and scientific organisations, as well as bespoke protected vehicle builders for covert policing and cash-in-transit applications. Architectural and critical infrastructure protection agencies are also supported.

Services include design, test and evaluation, threat analysis and advice, third party reviews and expert witness testimonies, as well as full project management of design through to build and installation / integration / production.

For more information please visit our website: http://www.HephaestusConsulting.com

E-mail: Enquiries@HephaestusConsulting.com


Sebastian Vreemann, CSO

Kappa optronics: Cameras and Vision Systems for anything that drives or flies.

Your partner: In the field of gun barrel inspection, we are a pioneering system supplier with decades of experience. We know our customers' requirements in detail! Our latest product is the innovative barrel inspection system RIB 4D. The condition of the barrel can affect the velocity and trajectory of projectiles, and thus firing accuracy and safety of the weapon system. Kappa’s barrel inspection system RIB 4D combines state-or-the art laser scan and 360 video technology to automatically and reliably detect critical damage spots inside the barrel (erosion, corrosion, damaged chrome coating, lands and groves in rifled barrels). The system is ready for large caliber gun barrels 120 – 155 mm, smaller diameters from 30 – 76 mm are to come. Multiple barrel types (smoothed and rifled) can be inspected with one system, only one operator is required. Kappa worked closely with German Armed Forces Bundeswehr in the development of the system.

Kappa has over 40 years of experience with application-specific cameras and vision systems in rugged and certifiable design, we do small and mid-sized series. We offer innovative vision solutions for day and night operations, ensuring maximum performance of higher-level systems. Our solutions are especially suitable for safety-critical applications. We cover aviation, defense and automotive applications.

For more information please visit our website: https://www.kappa-optronics.com/en/




Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory (TBRL) was envisaged in 1961 as one of the modern armament research laboratories under the Department of Defence Research & Development. The laboratory became fully operational in January 1968. It is actively involved in design, development and testing of ammunition and explosive warheads. The laboratory is also involved in testing of personal and vehicle armour against small arm ammunition and explosive blast. The laboratory has instrumented test infrastructure to generate data on blast, shock, lethality, fragmentation, impact and penetration.

For more information please visit our website: https://www.drdo.gov.in/labs-and-establishments/terminal-ballistics-research-laboratory-tbrl


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