Louis and Edith Zernow Award

The Louis and Edith Zernow Award in Ballistics is presented to the author(s) of the paper containing the best advancement made in the fundamental nature of ballistics and presented within the proceedings of the International Symposium on Ballistics. 

All papers, both oral and poster, will be considered eligible. No application is required. The selection is based solely on technical content of the published paper.



International Ballistics Symposium

Award Winner

113: Stockholm, Sweden, June '92Pierre Chanteret; ISL, France
214: Quebec, Canada, Sep '93Klaus Weimann, EMI, Germany
315: Jerusalem, Israel, May '05Paul Weinacht, ARL, USA
416: San Francisco, USA, Sep '96Jo-Ichi Kimura, DA, Japan
517: Midrand, South Africa, Mar '98Roxan Cayzac, E. Carette, C. Baglio, J. Brossard, T. de-Roguefort, France
618: San Antonio, USA, Nov '99Phillip Cunniff, Natick, USA
719: Interlaken, Switzerland, May '01H. Ernst, T. Wolf, W. Unckenbold, ISL, France & Invent GmbH, Germany, "Protective Power of Thick Composite Layers Against Medium-Caliber Long-Rod Penetrators"
820: Orlando, USA Sep '02C. Grignon, A. Ziliani, V. Fleck, S. David, A. Arriguci, France, "Steering of a Spin Stabilized Gliding Projectile: First Approach"
921: Adelaide, Australia, Apr '04G. Paulis, P. Chanteret, E. Wollman, ISL, France/Germany, "PELE: A New Penetrator-Concept for the Generation of Lateral Effects"
1022: Vancouver, Canada, Nov '05E. Muzichuk, M. Mayseless, I. Belsky, IDF & IMI, Israel, "Influence of the Post-Detonation Burning Process on Blast Wave Parameters in Air"
1123: Tarragona, Spain, Apr '07O. Andersson, P. Lundberg, R. Renstrom, FOI, Sweden, "Influence of Confinement on the Transition Velocity of Silicon Carbide"
1224: New Orleans, USA Sept '08E. Baker, L. Stiel, C. Capellos, W. Balas, J. Pincay, ARDEC, USA, "Combined Effects Aluminized Explosives"
1325: Beijing, China, May '10M. Cheng, J. Dionne, C. Hedge, Canada, "Ballistic Resistance Enhancement by Adjusting Stress Wave Propagation Paths"
1426: Miami, USA, Sep '11D. L. Hunn, S. J. Lee, Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control, USA, "Development of a Novel Ceramic Armor System: Analysis and Test"
1527: Freiburg, Germany, Apr '13J-L. Zinszner, B. Erzae, E. Buzaud, P. Forquin, "Experimental and Numerical Analyses of the Fragmentation of Alumina".
1628: Atlanta, USA, Sep '14Ove Dullum, "Engraving, Friction and Wear in Small Caliber Guns".
1729: Edinburgh, UK, May '16Thelma Manning, Richard Field, Kenneth Klingaman, Michael Fair, John Bolognini, Robin Crownover, Carlton P. Adam, Viral Panchal, Eugene Rozumov, Henry Grau, Paul Matter, Michael Beachy, Christopher Holt, Samuel Sopok, "Innovative Boron Nitride-Doped Propellants".
1830: Long Beach, USA, Sep '17Marie Albisser, Simona Dobre, Cédric Decrocq, Fayçal Saada, Bastien Martinez and Patrick Gnemmi, "Aerodynamic Characterization of a New Concept of Long Range Projectiles from Free Flight Data".
1931: Hyderabad, India, Nov '19Moshe Ravid, Alon Weiss, Asaf Borenstein, Vadim Favorsky and Nimrod Shapira, "Oblique Penetration Of Metal Plates By 25mm APDS-T Projectile - Modeling And Verification".
2032: Reno, USA, May '22Marvin Becker, Andreas Klavzar, Thomas Wolf and Melissa Renck, "Data-Driven Prediction of Plate Velocities and Plate Deformation of Explosive Reactive Armor".
2133: Bruges, Belgium, Oct '23Andreas Helte, Jonas Lundgren and Jonas Candle, "The interaction between a shaped charge jet and a single moving plate".

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