Constitution This links to a pdf file containing the International Ballistics Society Constitution.
Member Briefing

During the 25th ISB, Jack Riegel, President of the International Ballistics Society, gave a presentation to the attendees explaining how the society is organized, the dues structure, the founding Board of Directors, etc.  Mr. Riegel finished by recognizing Dr. Marc Giraud and Prof Dr. Manfred Held.

This is a good reference for individuals considering membership in the society.

IBC to IBS Dr. Marc Giraud and Dr. Ian Cullis gave a presentation that summarizes the progression of the International Symposia on Ballistics, the establishment of the International Ballistics Committee, and the transition to the International Ballistics Society.
History This links to a paper describing the evolution of the ballistics community that lead to forming the Interrnational Ballistics Society.
Past Symposia Locations and Chairmen This links to a table with the locations and chairmen of past symposis.
Louis and Edith Zernow Award This links to a table with the names of past Zernow Award recipients and includes a description of the award.

The Rosalind and Pei Chei Chou Young Author Award

Young Author Award Application

The top link is to a table with the names of past Young Author Award recipients.

The second link is a word document with the application. 

 Neill Griffiths Award This links to a table with the names of past Griffiths Award recipients.
SABO Award This links to a table with the names of past South African Ballistics Organization Award recipients.
Guidelines for Hosting an International Symposium on Ballistics This links to a document that should be reviewed by all organizations desiring to host an International Symposium on Ballistics.  Conference are generally held every 18 months.  For example, May 2010; September 2011; April 2013; Fall 2014; Spring 2016.  Proposals must be received at least 4.5 years in advance of the symposium.  The next decision will be for the 2016 symposium. 

Guidelines for Written Papers Submitted for Inclusion in the Proceedings of an International Symposium on Ballistics.  pdf   doc

This links to a sample paper that reflects the writing style that is recommended for papers submitted for inclusion in the proceedings of an International Symposium on Ballisitcs.  It indicates how to list the authors; how to cite references; how to emphasize portions of the text; how to include equations; etc.  All authors should review and follow these guidelines to ensure that all papers are of high quality. 
Guidelines for Poster Presentations 2013 POSTER GUIDELINES.doc This links to a document that provides guidelines for how to prepare a poster that will convey your information effectively.
Guidelines for Oral Presentations Oral presentation generally include audio-visual materials. Information and guidance on how to prepare visual material for use during your presentation can be provided by the local symposium organisers via their local website. It is always a good idea to submit your presentation early to the organisers to ensure it runs smoothly on their computers and audi-visual equipment. This is especially important for videos within a presentation.


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